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How long should my order take to be delivered?

We use US Postal service with track and trace for all our deliveries. We aim to have orders processed, and shipped within 24 business hours of receiving your orders.  Delivery within the US normally take an average of 5 business days.

How much does delivery cost?

Can you give medical advice?

Do you offer any discount for bulk purchases?

Can I cancel an online order?

What are the online payment options?

What is an advanced probiotic?

What is S. salivarius?

What are oral probiotics? How do they differ from other probiotics?

What is the benefit of taking an oral probiotic?

My child has strep throat and is currently on antibiotics. Should I start him on Herobiotics Oral + ENT now or wait until he has finished the antibiotics?

Is it okay to take Herobiotics Oral + ENT Probiotics straight after food or cleaning teeth?

What is the bacteria count for your products?

Will Herobiotics Oral + ENT probiotichelp protect me when I travel?

Are Herobiotics probiotics safe to take alongside other medications?